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Textpattern turns twenty / Textpattern CMS. ⇒

   1 March 2024, early afternoon

Wordpress and Textpattern felt like peers when I was trying to pick what to replace MovableType. Nowadays it’s quiet clear Wordpress was maybe the horse to bet on. But, I really love Textpattern. The platform has served me well for over 19 years! I used to run my own fork of this software, so I could hack in clean URLs and some other features missing from the earliest versions of the product. Nowadays I run a few plugins I wrote and use a stock install. This is much easier to manage and maintain. Dean Allen, the creator of Textpattern, died many years ago now. Tragically. Prior to his death he was already a distant figure when it came to this software. It’s a real testament to the power of open source software that it continues to live on till this day, a small community keeping it going.

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