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   14 November 2005, mid-afternoon

Till I start a new site where I link to all the stupid things 37signals posts, you will have to put up with the links here. Jason from 37signals, who I love, objects to something Kottke mentions in passing in his post about Dim Sum; Kottke says that the fake stickers you can put on cheap Chinese televisions are awesome. The best comment in the thread follows: if your brand stands for something that can't be reproduced with a 5-cent sticker, you don't have to worry. (Jason of 37signals also seems to miss the fact that these aren't televisions being sold as Sony TVs, these are cheap televisions being sold as just that, cheap televisions.)

This is a post from my link log: If you click the title of this post you will be taken the web page I am discussing.



  1. I think i’m getting as annoying as the people I like to rail against. Damn it.

  2. you think so? :P

  3. Garbage in, garbage out.

  4. I didn’t think Kottke was endorsing the act. He was just relating something commonplace in China which we would think is weird. I am starting to love Jason as well!

    It also shows the hold of certain brands. People know they are buying counterfeit TVs yet are discerning and brand conscious. In a way its very telling of the rising middle class in China and the upcoming intellectual property wars in Asia.

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