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Novell hits a desktop home run with Suse Linux Enterprise Desktop 10. ⇒

   20 June 2006, early evening

The reviewer likes it more than Ubuntu, which is quite the compliment.

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  1. suse has been a very good desktop for several years. it’s not suprise it’s still good. i haven’t tried ubuntu but i’m 99% sure it’s essentially “just another linux distro”.

    it seems that every couple years a bunch of nerds need to get excited about a new distro. debian, redhat, suse, gentoo, and now ubuntu. and almost every time people are like “wowee, check out how great [rpm|apt-get|portage] is”. it’s all really the same shit and it’s all still more complicated than a fucking windows install shield.

  2. No, Ubuntu IMHO is not just another distri. I have been playing with linux-distris since ‘95 starting with a 4-CD set of slackware (kernel 1.2 woo!). I have also tried various versions of suse, redhat/fedora and some more obscure distri that made specific promises. Let me tell you that none have survived longer than a few weeks/months on my PCs (and they were all only installed as dualboot).

    Ubuntu has been the first (with Hoary) to stay and actually be used on my desktop-machine (though dualboot) for well over a year.

    And I have recently switched my notebook over to Dapper, too. I’ve never had such a positive experience with any linux. Partly this is because I had already been using so many applications that are cross-plattform (opensource or not), that I could basically move over all my profile-folders and start working immediately. But partly it was because a lot of notebook-specific things either worked right out of the box, or required very minimal interference (install this package, done).

    I wrote more detailed about my recent switch (click my name).

    As for Suse, I haven’t tried it since 8.0, which must have been sometime in 2002, so I can’t make any real comparisons.

  3. Ubuntu’s package management and install is really quite straightforward. You can upgrade to the latest version of the OS using the system too, though I never got to see this in action since my brother did switch back to windows—so he could use iTunes.

    Ubuntu is definitely a step up from other distros, for the reasons Sencer mentions. My brother and my dad were using it for a very long time now, which is impressive in and of itself.

  4. I remember trying RedHat out on my old PC some 4-3 or so years ago. I absolutely hated it, from the slowness of the interface (compared against windows 2000 of the day) to the horribly difficult way to install software on it. Reading all these positive things about Ubunto and Suse, makes me at least a little interested to play for myself though.

    Sounds pretty cool, but from an outsiders position, it always feels like linux is just trying to replicate windows or mac from an interface point of view. It’s only actual plus point is the opensource-ness of it, and I hoped there would be things genuinely innovative about it.

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