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   22 February 2005, lunch time

New site design for one of my favourite music labels.

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  1. Annoying navigation.

  2. Yeah. I’m surfing through their site now looking for CDs, it is a pain in the ass. I’ll have to email them about that. Anyway, if you are looking to hear some good music, check out the Mr. Wright Mp3, and the Music Lovers Mp3s.

  3. I’m sorry to hear that surfing through the site is a pain in the ass but happy to know that you enjoyed the Mr. Wright Mp3 (which one?) and the Music Lovers Mp3s. I know that the navigation needs some work. Hopefully this can be resolved soon. What will most likely change is that you’ll be able to click on the artist names (they’re in white on top of the page) and if there’s only one album by an artist it will show up and if there is more then one album, a medium-size image of each album with a short description will appear and then you can switch from there. Hopefully that will make the site easier to navigate. Please let me know if there is something else I’m missing that you found a pain. Best wishes!

  4. No worries; it’s just difficult right now to find the music by a particular band. I think the idea you suggested above would probably help. I liked “The Former Ms. Ontario” by the Music Lovers, and “I’m Still Missing You” by Mr. Wright.

  5. we finally got around to fixing the navigation a bit. it still needs some work design-wise, but at least it’s now much easier to browse through the releases by a particular artist (you just click on their name instead of having to search through all the tiny record covers to find their recordings). anyway, hope this helps and we’ll let you know when it’s improved even more!

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