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The day the music industry died. ⇒

   10 October 2007, early morning

More on Radiohead and other artists taking control of the distribution of their music. Trent Reznor has similar ideas.

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  1. I just bought the boxset for 40 pounds to complete my collection.

    and I know at least a few others who have as well — when was the last time any of us forked over 80 bucks for a cd? I have a feeling that they would actually make money. I think it’s pretty smart having two options – free or really really expensive. It gives people like me the ability to think that I’m a bigger fan than those too cheap to pay for their music.

  2. Well the box set actually comes with actual records and other junk, so it’s a big step up from a CD. 80 bucks is a lot of money. I wonder what my brother, the serious-ass Radiohead fan in our family, decided to do.

    I also feel like picking up the digital version of the album to let them know it’s a good idea. How much is straight up digital music worth though?

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