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    1 January 2008, lunch time

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  1. my least favourite thing about the SRT is how goddamn cold it is, both on the open-air platforms — i’ve nearly died from exposure several times while waiting at midland station for trains that never came — and in the cars themselves. tell me of another subway/light rail system anywhere where it can actually be WINDY inside of the trains.

    that being said, i wear my daily SRT ridership as a badge of honour. scarrrrrrboro, WHAT!

  2. I hate how noisy it is. They need to insulate the cars or something. That’d also help with the cold I suppose. And yeah, Kennedy’s platform is so damn cold. I think taking the RT is the thing I hate most about heading back to Scarborough. They need to extend the subway line already.

  3. My friend said he has ridden the RT and it was snowing INSIDE the car.

  4. Everytime I ride the RT I wonder whether the whole thing was originally designed for use in California or somewhere. The station (and train) design makes absolutely no sense for Scaborough. Did they not factor in the possibility of winter?

    “And that was the only folly the people of Springfield ever embarked upon. Except for the popsicle stick skyscraper. And the 50-foot magnifying glass. And that escalator to nowhere.”

  5. Yes, it IS very noisy. I used to stay over at a friend’s place at Rainbow Village just adjacent to Kennedy Station. In the summer, all I hear is the distinct noise of the SRT.

    Yep. Scarborough got suckered with this awful situation with this poor rapid transit mode. But hey, it could be worse, Scarborough could’ve been Etokicoke, which I believe has the poorest rapid transit coverage.

    But yes! The stations and trains are cold! But one should only have to wait on average 3 minutes for a train to arrive, so it shouldn’t be too unbearable.

    But yes, snow continues to be a problem on the line. I have nothing to say about that, except that it sucks.

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