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A conversation with Threadless

   28 May 2009, late morning

Threadless looks like it might be phasing out XS t-shirts. I’m hurt and confused, so I shoot them an email.

Hey, I was wondering if you’re phasing out XS t-shirts? Some shirts don’t have the XS option, and they don’t list XS as being sold out. If you are going to get rid of XS, then you should get rid of XXXL as well. Letting super fat dudes enjoy your t-shirts while me and my girly-ass figure don’t get to is just not fair. Please, don’t make me start some sort crazy Internet protest. I fucking love Threadless so damn much. Ramanan

Threadless replies! They are quick. Sadly, my suspicions were correct.

Hey Ramanan! Yeah we are starting to slowly phase out certain sizes. Unfortunately XS is one of them. Take care, Charlie

Son of a bitch. I’m not giving up so easily. The conversation continues.

Damn it Charlie, you’ve got to fix this. You’re my man on the inside. Start talking up XS t-shirts in casual conversation. I’m counting on you. Cheers, Ramanan.

And that’s where the story ends. For now. Actually, probably forever, since I sound like a crazy dude.

Threadless is still the best t-shirt site on the planet. They are — were? — also one of the few that offered XS t-shirts.



  1. You know, I’ve never tried the “you and me against the system” approach with a customer care representative. I think I might give it a shot sometime. At least it’s novel, right?

  2. You’ll fill out the S shirts soon.

    possibly a M shirt in the near future.

  3. You have to look at this as an incredible opportunity. You need to bulk up so that you can fit into regular clothes, that’s AWESOME! We’re talking poutine tour ’09, hot dog eating contests, shake drinking marathons. 6 pack for breakfast. You are going to have a blast!

  4. That sounds like a good way to have a heart attack. A delicious way, mind you. I never got a response to my second email, so I think Charlie has probably moved on with his life. That or he’s gone dark, and the next communication I get from him will be to inform me XS t-shirts are making a come back.

  5. Who needs Threadless? I hear ’09 is the Summer of T-Shirts!

  6. I’m giving away the silkscreen kit. It’s just collecting dust under our bed. No summer will ever be the summer of T-shirts.

  7. What if Charlie was a girl, and you killed your chances by making assumptions?

  8. I hadn’t thought of that.

    And Shima you better not give it away. I asked you to make me a design how many weeks ago? So it’s all on you right now.

  9. Can i be 1st on your wait list for that silk screen kit?

  10. I’m making a shirt. It’s happening peoples. And the shirt will be epic.

  11. Here is the deal. I will design the shirt. After I have finalized the design, you have two weeks to make a t-shirt. If you don’t, Tiff will get a silkscreen kit.

    .. I just realised that the paint might have dried out by now. It’s been at least 2-3 years since I bought the kit for you.

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