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Mamiya C33

   30 May 2009, late evening

My Mamiya C33

I bought a Mamiya C33 last week, used on Craigslist. This camera takes medium format film, setting it apart from all my 35mm film cameras. The negatives are big and square, as pictured above. This is a TLR. The top lens is a view lens, used for framing the photo. The bottom lens is what actually exposes the film. My camera has an eye-level viewfinder, but these cameras are normally used with a waist-level viewfinder. I’ll probably try and track one of those down next. The camera is massive and heavy. It’s cool, and using it should be an interesting experience. (Loading the 120 roll was strange coming from 35mm film.) I’m not sure i’m at the point where I have too many cameras or not. I certainly have a lot.



  1. Hey Ram… you might be interested in the TLR Club. A few of the people involved are right in this ‘hood.

    I borrowed a TLR once, with less than spectacular results. Need to try again sometime.

  2. mamma mia!

  3. Nice, another Mamiya TLR user! I got a C330 f last week, and I enjoy it alot. Be welcome to visit my blog at http://www.monochrome.at.tf/

    With the best regards,

  4. Just purchased a mimiya C33. It has the same hood as youre camera. I started years ago with a manual yashika 35 mm. And after retiring am getting into medium format. Have a autocord and a rolocord. I also bought a bush pressman. OHH MY Im into large format also. How are the pictures with the Mimiya.

  5. Heheheh if I had a nickel for every time I saw (or took!) an I-just-got-a-new-camera self portrait mirror photograph. :-)

    Nice one, btw.

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