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   20 October 2006, early afternoon

The pannel at the Active 18 Planning Talk

I thought this wasn’t a political debate.

Shima and I attended a talk last night at the Theatre Centre — it’s part of that gorgeous building at the corner Dovercourt and Queen. In attendance were 2 candidates from our ward, Adam Giambrone and Simon Wookey. Shima informed me that the remaining guests were also worth paying attention to: they were John Sewell, who is apparently a bit of a planning superstar, but is better known for being a former mayor of Toronto (before my time), and Adam Vaughan, who was a journalist for City TV.

It was a very interesting discussion…. which i’ll write about not later today.

You can see more photos of this talk over at my Flickr account.

Himy Syed

Himy Syed

The night ended with Shima and I meeting the infamous Himy Syed. He makes some very cool outdoor art projects. It’s strange meeting someone that you met online through your weblog. He used to post the occasional comment here.

Right now Himy Syed is putting all his energy into running for deputy mayor, and councilor for Ward 19. And does the man have some energy. Shima and I chatted with him for a good while; he told us about all the things he wants to do in the city. He’s a very creative and unconventional politician to be. I’m really hoping he wins the ward. It’d be nice to have some different voices in office. (If you live in Ward 19, vote for him. I’m not kidding.)

It’s interesting to see how contenders find ways to challenge the incumbents. Himy has no where near the funds of the incumbant Joe Pantalone. He argues there isn’t much point trying to campaign the same way as Pantalone, because its a game he can’t win. Instead Himy’s campaign has been very grass roots. He goes to events like this, meets people, and encourages them to talk about him. His website is slowly being filled to the brim with information. He has PDF files you can download if you want to make your own flyers to advertise for him. (You print them out at 8 by 10, and they can be arranged in various ways to make bigger posters.) His buttons are all made out of older buttons. (I think Shima’s friend Tiff would love how he is so mindful of waste and the environment.) It will be interesting to see if this approach works; I think it could in a ward like Ward 19. It certainly will be a tough race, as I understand Pantalone is well liked.



  1. I don’t like Pantalone, I emailed him and called his office too but he never returned my calls!

    I hope Himy Syed wins.. I’m tired of all the old middle class white men running our city. Though Miller is Super Awesome! :D

  2. Adam Giambrone should be ashamed of himself for tyring to pull a fast one on the people who came out to listen to him and the other panelists. Thank goodness for the lady who called him on the council vote for heritage designation for 48 abell where giambrone, miller and the rest of the NDP councillors walked out of the vote.

  3. Do you have more details on what happened; I can’t find any online. I thought Adam was the one that wanted it to be marked a historial building.

  4. hi
    it’s jessica rose. i live at 48 Abell. adam did try to make 48 Abell a historic building and has fought to save it. for more info on what is going down at abell from the residents pov visit http://www.brokenartfactory.ca/model484VR.html.

    for a super fun happening and media intervention see below…



    Hi Model 48 gang, 48 Abell residents, Queen street peeps and Toronto lovers:
    Our Nov 5 BBQ has been postponed in favour of a very important event next weekend:
    When: Saturday, Nov 11, 6 PM
    Where: Outside 48 Abell
    What: Intervention/Happening/Media Publicity Event presented in association with the Toronto Alternative Art Fair International (TAAFI.org)
    Who: Toronto notables and mavericks, media, community activists, politicians, some of Toronto’s top Artists, and most importantly: YOU!
    How: Processions, public speaking and other fun activities create a mock funeral for our beloved building. You can get involved by speaking or performing at this event and we need a round 300 people to all form a human chain around our 118-yr old icon and give her a big hug for the media cameras. Please show up, bring your friends and family to help make a huge statement that will be witnessed by thousands that 48 Abell St matters and whether we can save her or not, it is an important part of Toronto’s cultural heritage worth aknowledging!
    Please contact Ms Jessica Rose (48 Abell #306B) for more info, or if you would like to contribute in a special way:
    msjessicarose@sympatico.ca or 416.536.1537
    See you on the 11th!
    Your Model 48 team

    - – - – - – - – - – Eulogist(s) Required
    In the funeral of our beloved building,
    The heart of West Queen West,
    Forty-Eight Abell Street, Toronto, M6J 3H2
    On the eve of the Eleventh day of November,
    Two-Thousand-and-Six at Six O’clock P.M.
    To eulogize its immanent transformation,
    From an 118-year old Artist Building
    To a Condominium. – - – - – - – - – -
    Want to say a few words about 48 Abell Street?
    To participate in the public performance A Funeral For A Building  
    on November 11, 2006 at 6pm please contact Jessica Rose msjessicarose@sympatico.ca

  5. this article is very help full and informative thank you
    Adam Giambrone should be ashamed of himself for tyring to pull a fast one on the people who came out to listen to him and the other panelists. Thank goodness for the lady

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