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The Burning Crusade expansion

   18 October 2006, mid-afternoon

The Burning Crusade special edition expansion is $100 in Canada (at least at Best Buy). $100? I couldn’t believe it myself. I mean, I like my World of Warcraft, but I don’t know if I like it that&nbs; much. That’s a lot of money to drop for the privilege of having the game on DVD and getting a Burning Crusade mouse pad. I’m not the only person who thinks it’s a bit much for an expansion:

“I’m still on the fence about this CE. I might make a half-hearted effort to get a pack o’ nerd-swag; I might not. If they were giving out something worthwhile for the $$ like a 24-slot bag, I’d kill my own mother to get ahold of one. Hell, she’s had a good run and she knows how important bag space is in this game.” — Foton over at AFK Gamer

The fancy box would look nice on my bookshelf I suppose. Amazon.ca isn’t selling it for some strange reason. The EB Games at Dufferin Mall won’t answer my calls. Update: The dude I finally got a hold of at the EB Games in Dufferin Mall sounded like a bit of a dumbass — he was totally clueless anyway. The game is supposed to be out at the end of November, though many people have their doubts.

Mind you, I’m still 16 levels away from level 60, which means I really don’t need to rush to get this expansion.



  1. I don’t understand how a man can get crazy for such games!!! I wonder how old are you! Is it so important for you? Well, I’d kill my son, if he gave $100 for this toy!!! :)

  2. I think I’d have to stop talking to you if you bought it…. I’m quite serious about it too. sigh.

  3. But then how would I become a Blood Elf Jewel Crafter?

  4. I’m am serious Ram.

    Buy the Jacket instead.