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Art Space Tokyo

   21 July 2010, mid-morning

My copy of Art Space Tokyo arrived last night. I had actually forgot it was going to show up soon. I had donated to the project on Kickstarter a few weeks or months back: I am a fan of pretty books. I quite like Craig Mod’s writing on books and the future of publishing, so I thought this was a good way to indirectly thank him for his work online. I’m not entirely sure how useful a book about Tokyo’s art scene would be to me in Toronto, but hopefully one day I can take a trip to the city and check out some of these galleries. It would be interesting to see a similar book written about Toronto’s art scene — though it seems like many of our galleries come and go a bit too quickly.



  1. I think you made a mistake “but hopefully one day shima and I can take a trip to the city…” Don’t think I didn’t notice. 8o|

  2. Craig Mod writes about the whole experience.

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