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Scott Pilgrim's Finest Hour

   20 July 2010, early morning

Krishna took a bus back from Waterloo last night to go to the Beguiling’s midnight launch of the last Scott Pilgrim book, Scott Pilgrim’s Finest Hour. He showed up at my place around one in the morning and was gone before I woke up. I’m assuming he is back in Waterloo, ready for class. He left a signed copy of the book for me on my dining room table, which I read on the way to work today. I love this series. It’s all so well done. Like it’s predecessors, it’s all completely over the top while at times managing to be sweet and touching. This book ends the series well. If you haven’t read any of these books before, you really need to.

Now I need a new Toronto based comic book to read.



  1. I got to your place around 2ish. Read the comic. Went to bed at 3. Woke up at 5:50. Left at 6:10. Got back to loo at 9:10. Now I am going to go to my philosophy lecture.

  2. I like his comment about the title of the comic.

  3. A map of locations in Toronto featured in Scott Pilgrim. It’s a very downtown centric comic. There is room for someone, somewhere, to make the greatest comic about Scarborough ever.

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