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Intel iMac Notes: Building Ruby on Rails and its Friends

   6 March 2006, late at night

I asked Krishna to run through Hivelogic’s tutorial on setting up Ruby on Rails on your Mac and time how long it takes to build the various components. I did the same on my iMac and have compiled the results below.

Build Times for Ruby on Rails Components on my iBook and my iMac

real/user/sysiMac Intel Dual Core 2.0GhziBook G3 800MhZ
make readline
user0m8.900s 0m36.690s
sys0m1.792s 0m7.925s
make ruby
make fast-cgi
real0m8.920s 2m43.256s
user0m4.803s 1m10.319s
sys0m3.395s 0m26.624s
make PCRE
sys0m7.060s 0m11.081s
make lightTPD

As you can see, the iMac really mops the floor with the poor iBook. I am guessing that the x86 version of GCC is far more optimized than the PowerPC version, which may account for the serious improvements. In a few cases the build times are 10 times faster, which is quite impressive. If you spend a lot of time working on software, the faster build times are definitely going to be a big plus.



  1. I wonder if I should try installing ruby on the old imac and compare the times with the ibook. And how long before we see some cool ruby apps on this site?

  2. Well, since 1&1 doesn’t let you host Ruby applications (as far as I can tell), I am going to have to guess never. I’ll need to look into where I can host Rails stuff, since I wanted to give it a serious go.

  3. Well, I just got CS to install RoR today and it’s up and running on my server. Just to muck about with really, I’m assuming I can’t integrate it nicely with WordPress (for another small site I’ve got in the pipeline).

    In any case, I find my hosting service, JaguarPC , is really good, super fast CS response times and they support a “wack load” of stuff. I’ve switched over to their yearly LongHorn plan now. Sorry for the ad, but I’ve been with them for a couple of years now and it’s been consistently good support and uptime. Figured it’s worth a plug.

  4. Haran, i’ll have to check them out. My time and 1&1 should be ending this year, and I can’t say I have been impressed enough with the service to pay them for it.

    And we need to start a start-up. What it will produce, I do not know.

  5. ya, that damn 1&1 account has made me lazy to the fact that hosting actually costs money.

    ram, where are you gonna find time to start a company when you blog all day long?

  6. You might want to look into the textdrive plan they have. They have another lifetime hosting thing going at the moment and it has lots of bells and whistles. I love my textdrive account, and am glad I’ll never have to think about renewing. Well, unless they go under…

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