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Unknown White Male

    9 March 2006, early morning

I watched Unknown White Male last night, which was this month selection for Doc Soup. The film is absolutely fascinating; it chronicles the 2 years or so after a man finds himself in Coney Island without having a clue who he is, or how he got there. The man is diagnosed as having Retrograde Amnesia, and can’t remember anything that happened to him prior to “waking up” in Coney Island. The movie examines what makes up someone’s identity. As he determines who he was, and as he meets up with his family and friends, we get to see how they react to him and how he reacts to them. It’s absolutely bizarre. If you can track the film down I recommend you watch it. It has to be one of the more interesting documentaries I’ve seen in recent years because the subject mater is so compelling.

The official Unknown White Male web site.



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