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   20 July 2006, lunch time

Summerlicious is usually very hit or miss. Yesterday’s trip to byMark, which I thought would be a hit, was definitely a miss. I went to the restaurant with Nina, Riadh and Shima. The restaurant was fairly busy when we arrived at 9:00, but emptied out slowly as the night moved on. Shima and Nina didn’t like our waiter, though I’m not entirely sure why. I thought the service at byMark was alright, but nothing exceptional. (The best service I’ve encountered at a restaurant has to be at Centro or George.) I think everyone was a little bit disappointed with the food. I had crab cakes, followed by halibut, followed by a small mouse cake, as did Riadh; Nina and Shima had a chicken dish instead for their mains. The halibut was over cooked; it was far too chewy. The sauce it was in was quite tasty, but overall it was a disappointing main. The crab cakes were alright, but again, nothing too special. Shima’s chicken dish was quite bland, though I am sure someone would argue the flavour was subtle and nuanced. Everything tasted like it had been sitting under a heat lamp for hours on end, which might have been the case. I am sure during the rest of the year, byMark produces great food, but during summerlicious I don’t think they do in the least. As with Monsoon, I was left with no real desire to go back. If you want some good food during Summerlicious, my guess is that Bloom would deliver.



  1. Our waiter was condescending!

  2. The best summer/winterlicious I’ve ever been to was at Hemispheres. That said, I’ve had so many disappointing meals that I don’t even bother going anymore.

  3. Yeah, I think i’m done with it as well. I think summerlicious/winterlicious was worth all the fuss when it first started. Now it just seems like a scam: fancy restaurants sell sub-standard food to hordes people who think they are getting a deal.

  4. I used to feel that way too, but now I think going for drinks or desert is a better way to check out a places decor: the meal will be cheaper, and reservations would be easier to get.

  5. I have only been to Jump so far and I liked it. Hopefully flow will be good. I think summerlicious/winterlicious is a cool idea. I rarely go to restaurants like these so its pretty fun.

  6. Jump did a good job during Summerlicious when I was there last. There are some places that do a good job during the event. The Strip House was excellent when I went last year for exmample. I just think these places are the exception, and most places are pretty ‘meh’.

  7. I went to Bymark once for desserts and drinks and it was really good. They even made us a dessert that wasn’t on the menu. You wouldn’t get that level of service at Summer/Winterlicious.

  8. Christina and I went to Bymark last year and loved it. I liked it better than Canoe. Your right though, all of these places are hit and miss, and chances are going to these places on a normal day would be far better. Sux to hear about your crappy waiter lol.

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