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   21 August 2005, early evening

Yesterday evening, I went to Centro with Carvill and Mezan. We went because we wanted something to eat. That’s usually why people go eat, but I would imagine most people have better reasons to go eat at a place like Centro than simple hunger. It was the sort of restaurant you would take a date to if you wanted to impress her; the sort of place you might go with a group for a friend’s birthday. It didn’t strike me as the sort of place you go just because. I suspect one of the biggest reasons I am so broke-ass is because I spend a lot of money eating out, way more than a normal person should. Mezan and I discussed our poor spending habits while paying the bill. I think the new plan henceforth is to eat Pho whenever we want to eat out.

All of that said, Centro was amazing. Everything about the place was excellent. The lobster spaghetti which I had was top-notch. Mezan really liked his venison. I think Carvill was fairly indifferent about her gnocchi, though she did enjoy her smoked salmon tartar appetizer quite a bit. The deserts came in sets of 3 for $12, and the three we picked were particularly yummy. The ambience of the place was great. We were seated downstairs in the lounge, which was a nice venue in its own right The upstairs looked great, but were told we would have had to make reservations earlier than we did—15 minutes before we showed up. Finally the service was amazing. I don’t recall going to a place where they pamper you as much as they do at Centro.

Centro is probably one of the nicest restaurants I’ve been to in the city.



  1. I went to Centro during this year’s Summerlicious.

    I have to agree with you, the place is great. I had gnocchi too, and I thought it was okay too.

    The small portions had to be compensated with more bread. Other than that, fantastic.

  2. You forgot to mention the nice live band playing too.

  3. I find that’s the case with Summerlicious though—small portions and dumbed-down food. I tend to use it as an opportunity to check out places whose decor and vibe I’m interested in—not so much the food.

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