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Casino Royale

   26 November 2006, evening time

I watched Casino Royale today. It has to be — and by a good margin — the best Bond film ever made. It’s a serious-ass spy flick. Most of the cliches from the earlier films have been toned down or simply tossed out. It’s a very gritty film. It certainly doesn’t feel like a Bond film. I imagine this might irk some fans, but I can’t imagine people watching the film and being disappointed. Daniel Craig has done a great job with this film. I’m guessing his performance will shut up some of his critics.

The official Casino Royale web site.



  1. The cliches that were “used” were self-aware and very well done.

    This is definitely up there, but I still have a soft spot for Goldeneye. I suppose that’s more Rare & Nintendo’s doing…

    It’s a welcome move away from the invisible cars.

  2. I have a hard time saying he’s better than Connery, but I suspect that’s sentamentalism. Craig is fantastic and makes me want to be 12 years old again, so I could believe I could grow up to be like him.

  3. One of the best movies I’ve seen this year. Solid.

  4. The cars were better too. Who’d have thought Ford could outdo BMW?

    rovers, aston martins, the jags..!

    But yeah, the movie was great.

  5. I told your ass to put the damn trailer up when I emailed it to you! Aren’t you glad I made you watch it! As for the cars, I read they had to trash 8 or 9 DB5’s for the movie, that is crazy.

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