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Chun-Yi: Legend of Kung-Fu

   20 August 2005, late at night

Chun-Yi: Legend of Kung-Fu opened in Toronto tonight, and I thought it was amazing. The show is part Kung-Fu, part dance, part acrobatics, all mixed together quite seamlessly. Shima and I showed up a few minutes late, so when we were escorted in to the theatre the show and just started, and we had to watch the first portion from the back. The aisles and stage were lined with Chinese dudes doing Kung-Fu. It was awesome. The show basically didn’t let up from the start till the end. The transitions between scenes were just as impressive as the scenes themselves, usually involving 20 odd people performing some crazy martial arts sequence. I am not sure how long the show is running for, but I think it is well worth checking out before its run is up.



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