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Coke in the Afternoon

   28 April 2010, lunch time

I get pretty tired if I don’t drink a Coke in the afternoon. Well, any pop really. When I was at work I’d usually buy a Dr. Pepper from the convenience store in the lobby of my office building. Now that i’m home I usually drink a Coke. A friend mentioned that getting tired when you don’t drink a pop is probably a sign of physical addiction. I wonder. This coke tastes pretty damn good, anyway.



  1. Sometimes I get tired BECAUSE I drink coke. It’s wierd.

  2. i remember learning about you being addicted to coke the day i met you. I seem to recall you having a hole in your teeth where the coke straw goes.

  3. Hah! Yes, my two front teeth look broken.

  4. I broke my Coke addition in Seattle, but I have a coffee addiction…free pop at work has started me drinking Coke again…too much sugar to be healthy. :-(

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