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RIP Loose Change Louie's

   22 April 2010, late morning

I probably should have written this when Louie’s became Fubar. Or when Fubar became Tabu. Today Tabu, and most of the buildings in that complex, burnt to the ground, which I think officially marks the demise of Loose Change Louie’s. Louie’s was the first bar I went to in Waterloo. I skipped some frosh event to meet up with my friend Alex and his friends from Applied Studies. I remember that night so clearly, even now. I went there almost every Tuesday with my roommates Gary and Damon during the my first term at Waterloo. When Fed Hall was closed or too busy, we’d also go on Thursdays. We’d complain about the shitty music and overall skeeziness of the place, and then head out. It was a dump; and the DJ did suck. Still, it had a vibe to it you couldn’t beat. Louie’s was the first place I kissed Shima. In hindsight we probably should have picked a better location. RIP Loose Change Louie’s. You were a beautiful bar.

I should also say something about Mel’s. They were open super late and served $3 breakfasts to drunk-as-fuck University students. It was also pretty damn awesome. Waterloo lost a lot of history today.



  1. “Louie’s was the first place I kissed Shima.”

    Damn you, Ramanan. I was going to deny that version of events forever.. Thanks for going and putting it up on the interweb. 8o|

  2. ah, skipping frosh events to hang out with friends. I remember frosh week fondly for all the time it gave me to spend with actual friends.

    total RIP to Mel’s. Home not only of the $2.99 all-day breakfast but also the Easy Rider. So epic.

  3. The 2.99 breakfast became the 3.99 in the morning and 4.99 the rest of the day but it will still be sadly missed.

  4. Loose change was the only place I went to when I visited. In the night after exams it was a jamming spot. Met a few hot blondes…very friendly…will definitely miss that place.

  5. Would you guys to hear a louie’s tribute mix?

    Miss that place.. too many good times:(

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