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Days of Being Wild

   2 March 2005, the wee hours

The first time I watched Days of Being Wild was probably 6 years ago at my friend Shawn’s place. I think I may have seen 3-4 of Wong Kar Wai’s other films by that point. I remember enjoying it, but not thinking much of it compared to his other films. I suppose at that time I was thoroughly obsessed with Chungking Express (I suppose I still am); I certainly didn’t remember Days of Being Wild being as good as I feel it is now, after watching it again tonight. The movie is depressing. There are several characters, their lives are all intertwined, and none of their relationships work out. Leslie Cheung is the lead in the film, a womanizer and tortured soul. All the actors in the film do an amazing job. The cast of this film consists of most of the top actors in Hong Kong (in my opinion). Christopher Doyle shot this film as well, and the cinematography is gorgeous. The soundtrack is also good. Wong Kar Wai is fucking awesome. This is the first film of his I have had the pleasure to watch on the big screen. It was a really nice experience.

The Days of Being Wild trailer at Apple. (The review I originally linked to revealed way too much of the plot.)



  1. I think this is the only Wong Kar Wai movie I’ve seen that I didn’t enjoy. I felt like I was watching a clock for two hours. I will note that I did watch it in high school and I may not have been mature enough to appreciate it.

  2. I remember when I watched it the first time, I thought it was really slow. I didn’t get that same feeling watching it now. I’ll have to track down the DVD.

  3. I’m surprised I haven’t seen Chungking Express given the fact Ram obsessed over it….Maybe at some point i’ll sit down and watch all of his movies in chronological order…would that make sense?

  4. Where did you see Days of being wild. My friend wilson says thats his favourite movie by that guy. Next time you come home bring In the mood for love

  5. I don’t have it. I only have 2046 which you watched. I have a bunch of his films on VCD—they are in the closet of my old room.

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