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Smooth Korean Man

    1 March 2005, early evening

I’m on episode 17 of Lost now. This episode is about the Korean couple, or so I would assume judging from the flash back. I haven’t actually watched the show yet, because a conversation in the opening forced to stopped to write this.

Old Korean Man: What would you do for my daughter?
Jin: Anything
OKM: Even work for me?
Jin: Of course.
OKM: Why should I give my daughter to a man who sells his dreams so easily?
Jin: Because … she is my dream.

Damn—Jin is smooth. I’ll have to figure out how to work that line in to every conversation I have with Shima’s dad.

Also, Jin’s wife is hot.



  1. I’ve already seen it and it was really good. When i was reading the subtitles of the conversation i was also impressed by the smoothness.

  2. Damn right she’s fine!

  3. I must watch lost. That one episode was crazy! On the sidenote, smallville is getting too strange!

  4. they played “delicate” at the end of the show…that song made the damn episode…it was awesome

  5. Don’t leave us dangling…where are the links to the pics? ;-)

  6. They are on the Lost web site? Aren’t they? The show starts with her in a bikini. This episode, and the previous one about Sawyer, were particularly good.

  7. Also, did anyone else notice that when the little Korean girl is watching television, Hurly is the one on TV.

  8. Yeah i noticed that as well, Hurley is getting into a Car I Believe…good eye..but really, all eyes should be on Sun and the other women of the show…The couple is by far the most interesting…It’s weird seeing all these faces though, all from various celebrity fame….

  9. I think by far, the best has been Locke’s story. It was crazy! And now i’m watching the Hurley episode and its pretty good too.

  10. I agree Nelson, Locke’s back story is amazing. He’s one of my favourite characters on the show.

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