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Delicious Library

   26 May 2006, lunch time

I started scanning the two books on my desk into Delicious Library using my iSight. It was a strangely satisfying experience, if only because it was very quick to get both books into the system. I then went to my book shelf, grabbed another stack of books, and started scanning them in as well. I hit the 25 item limit in the demo of delicious library fairly quickly. I’m tempted to buy the program now; It is certainly well liked. I’ve wanted to get something like it for quite a while. It’s nicer than a big Excel sheet or Omni Outliner list.



  1. i still dont get why you need something like that. do people own so much shit they don’t even remember what they have?

  2. Yes. You see, some people actually buy the music they listen too. I have a rubbermaid bin full of CDs. I have a lot of DVDs as well. I have lent DVDs out and forgotten all about them several times.

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