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Solarized Dark Theme for Alfred

   19 March 2013, late evening

My solarized theme

Update Mar 19th 2013: Added a new theme for v2 of Alfred. I’m still using it after all thees years, and it’s still really great.

I’ve been using Alfred for a couple months now. Alfred lets you theme the look and feel of its search window. One of the first things I did after discovering the lovely Solarized colour scheme was make an Alfred theme with the same colour palette. I’m still not sure of my choice of accent colours, but I think it looks sharp. I’ll probably make a light version later. Back to work!

Download: Solarized-Dark.alfredtheme for Alfred v1 or Solarized-Dark.alfredappearance for Alfred v2

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Paper for the iPad

   30 March 2012, mid-morning

Yesterday a company called FiftyThree put out an iPad application called Paper. The team is made up of ex-Microsoft employees who look to have left the company when Microsoft cancelled the Courier project. Apparently there was a big exodus of talented people that followed the cancellation, most notably J Allard of XBox fame. It looks like the guys at FiftyThree weren’t done with tablets just yet.

I was playing with the application yesterday. It’s really well done. If you have an iPad it’s well worth checking out. The application is free, but you can pay for access to other pen types: pencil, fat marker, pen, and water colours.

The Verge has a long review of the application.

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Instapaper 2.0

   24 June 2009, early morning

To conclude: Instapaer & Instapaper Pro 2.0 are all kinds of good.

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MacSanta versus MacHeist

   20 December 2006, mid-afternoon

They’ve added more applications to the MacSanta sale, so you can get more stuff on the cheap. (20% off BBEdit! 20% of SubEthaEdit!) So what’s new? God if I know. Apparently you need to subscribe to their RSS feed to find out. MacSanta’s web site seems poorly thought out and rushed, especially when compared to MacHeist.

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Video Skype

   26 July 2006, lunch time

I chatted with my cousin online using Skype and my iSight. It was pretty incredible. I’ve had an iSight for a while now, which while handy, hasn’t really been used for its intended purpose: I take photobooth photos with it, which I email to Shima on occasion, and I scan books with it in to Delicious Library. This was the second time I used the iSight to video-chat with someone. The first time was with Dave using iChat, and that was way too much trouble to get started. Dave and I were mucking around for a good while before we finally got the video-chat going, and even then it was pretty choppy and unimpressive. Skype on the other hand works really well. I didn’t have to fidget with firewall settings and the like to get things started (though this may be because I started to session). The video and audio are both quite good; It isn’t 30fps video, but its not that bad. Actually seeing and talking to someone all the way in Sydney was cool. The future is now. (Well the future has been here for a while I suppose, I’ve just been missing out till now.)

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Delicious Library

   26 May 2006, lunch time

I started scanning the two books on my desk into Delicious Library using my iSight. It was a strangely satisfying experience, if only because it was very quick to get both books into the system. I then went to my book shelf, grabbed another stack of books, and started scanning them in as well. I hit the 25 item limit in the demo of delicious library fairly quickly. I’m tempted to buy the program now; It is certainly well liked. I’ve wanted to get something like it for quite a while. It’s nicer than a big Excel sheet or Omni Outliner list.

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