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Fido Sucks the Least?

   8 November 2007, mid-afternoon

I called Fido twice to see if I can get my phone upgraded. The first time they said their computer systems were down and they couldn’t see what was up with my account. The second time, the lady on the phone couldn’t hear me. She said their was something wrong with their phones. Sometimes I feel like Fido is slowly crashing and burning.

Update: The story continues…

Ram: Can I sign up for your new 3G data plans if I am using a phone that uses EDGE?
Fido Lady: What’s Edge?

I shouldn’t be mean. She sounded like a sweet girl, and she did get me all set up after all was said and done. I have unlimited internet for the next 4 months, starting tomorrow it seems.



  1. When I went to sign up with Fido they did their credit-check-by-phone thing and the guy came back saying i’d been a victim of identity theft… so after a week of calling the credit bureaus/other companies i had stuff with and trying to figure out what was stolen I went back and he said he’d made a mistake.

  2. What is EDGE? :s

  3. It’s a good thing you aren’t a customer service rep for Fido. Speaking of EDGE, I still can’t connect. (Though, it’s entirely possible the issue lies with my mucked up phone.)

  4. i don’t know what EDGE is either…

  5. I actually think EDGE might be AT&T marketing speak; maybe if I said GPRS she wouldn’t have been confused.

  6. Yeah, I looked into it after posting the comment. EDGE is beefed up GPRS. And EDGE isn’t just an AT&T thing, Fido mentions Edge on their high-speed internet page. (FYI: Edge is definitely not high-speed.)

  7. I think their definition of ‘high speed’ means, it’s faster than speaking out 1’s and 0’s for the party on the other end of the line to decode.

    Wireless in Canada just plain sucks.

  8. Fair enough; I do think it’s amazing I can check my email over the cell network. I think people, myself included, have really high expectations of technology.

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