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EDGE is a Go

   11 November 2007, late morning

It took a refresh of my profile, whatever that means, but my phone is now connected to the Internet via Fido and EDGE. I think the trick with Fido is to keep calling till you get a customer service rep that knows what they are doing, and isn’t afraid when you have a non-Fido phone. I’ll post about Fido’s EDGE speeds once I have used it more. EDGE isn’t slow as molasses, but it is certainly reminiscent of the internet via dial-up. Fido actually has proper 3G service in Toronto, so I’m going to have to see if I can find someone with a 3G phone so I can compare what the difference really is. For now I did want to say that browsing a handful of sites over the last couple of minutes has ate up a half a meg of bandwidth. Fido charges 5 cents per kilobyte if you aren’t on an internet plan, and 1 cent per kilobyte once you go over your bandwidth when you do have a plan. Their standard internet plans are lame. (And really, their 3G options aren’t much better.) I can see why Apple isn’t keen on releasing an iPhone here in Canada without a matching data plan to go with it: stories about people being bankrupt by their iPhones can’t be good for business.



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