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Flocking Ducks

   28 March 2006, early evening

Flocking Ducks, an online address book, is one of those online services that I really wanted to work. The website itself is excellent; it has a solid design, and is very easy to use. I think H&H Labs online address book have done a really great job with the program. Unfortunately, for the service to be worthwhile, more of my friends need to be using it as well. The idea is simple enough; everyone keeps their own info up-to-date. Everyone else just subscribes to your up-to-date information. To this date, Ju-lian is the only person I know who has their info up on Flocking Ducks. I suspect I am the only person Ju-Lian knows with their info up on the site. The problem with sites like this is that they require a large user-base before they are interesting.

Update: I know have 4 more contacts in my address book. One problem i’ve noticed is the vCards Flocking Ducks spits out aren’t compatible with Apple’s Address Book application.



  1. Windows Live beta has a Contacts service as well that basically does the same thing. It’s currently accessible through MSN Spaces, though I envision that it will be fully integrated into the next Messenger/Hotmail…and that’ll solve large user base problem.

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