A painting of me

Intel iMac Notes: Photo Booth

   29 March 2006, terribly early in the morning

Pictures I have taken with Photobooth.

I usually email Shima a picture of me from Photo Booth everyday. I don’t know anyone else with an iSight, so I don’t really have much use for the thing beyond mucking around in Photo Booth.



  1. “Hey! What did I tell you, cut those sideburns Mattingly!! Your off the team, go home!” Seriously Ram, start combing and using Gel again ya lazy mofo. That’s cool though, the iMac has a nice webcam built in I see

  2. The reason my hair is so messed up in the photos is because I usually take them just before I put gel in my hair. (Though, to be honest, I haven’t really been combing my hair much recently. I’ve decided that looks cool, and I’m waiting for the rest of Toronto to start thinking as much.)

  3. have you tried using the distortion options on the webcam? you can come up with some super funny stuff that way.

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