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Funkaoshi: Year 1

   20 November 2004, late at night

If you look far enough back, you’ll see my first entry for this site was a conversation I had on ICQ with Gary. That was posted back in August 2003. Back then this site was run using blogger and served off the web space I had at the University of Waterloo. The orange was still there, though the layout was nothing like this. The colours I was using were much deeper and darker. I also had a 2-column layout, which I now find thoroughly boring.

I registered funkaoshi.com on November 19th, 2003. I announced to the world the domain was up on November 20th, though I don’t think that many people were interested. The site was a fair bit different back then. I would post the inane details of my life, primarily for my friends to read. I would also bitch about the pointless nature of this site. This went on for quite some time.

I changed the layout to the one you see today, and moved things over to textpattern in the middle of the winter. This was probably the worse time to do that, since I was knee-deep in the compilers course I was taking at Waterloo, which is a big bitch. The layout of this page hasn’t really changed at all since then. I changed the name of the site to A Funkaoshi Production from The Not So Immaculate Conception. I’m not sure why I changed the name. I think the old name was too long and I couldn’t work it neatly into the layout. I also noticed that no one referred to the site by that name.

At some point I started writing about movies, and couldn’t stop. I think this is actually the point in time I started noticing that people I didn’t know were regularly reading this site, which was strange to say the least. I call this period, “the summer”. Unemployed and done with school, I took some time off to do nothing. Well, almost nothing; I would watch movies and work on this site. You’d be surprised how long you can do that for and not complain. With employment came an end to my summer. Those of you who have been reading this site for quite some time will have noticed the lack of movie reviews. If there is one thing I really miss, it is watching lots of movies.

So this brings us to now. I was worried my domain would disappear into the ether, but 1&1 automatically renewed it for me. Another year of A Funkaoshi Production? Oh my, whatever will we do?



  1. Congratulations! I think I came across your site during that ‘summer’ period. And now I visit your site first thing. BTW you are in hallowed company there. First it was Zeldman, than Kottke, now you.

    So all I can say is keep it up for the next year! All the best!

    How is 1&1 treating you? Very competitive prices. I am sure email is prolly a better medium for this discussion.

  2. Congrats, Ramanan. I could tell you all the things I’ve said before about why I read this site, but in the end it all comes down to how much fun it is to say your name.

    The truth stings.

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