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Intel iMac Notes: God Damn That's Bright

   23 March 2006, lunch time

The screen on my iMac is absolutely gorgeous. Beyond being huge, it’s also really bright. It’s nice watching movies or editing photos on such a screen. However, typing away while staring at this incredibly bright screen for more than an hour or two will really wear your eyes down. I’ve taken to turning the brightness on the monitor all the way down (it’s that bright). Before yesterday, I was doing this by opening the display preferences and fiddling with the brightness slider. On my iBook, the function keys actually performed real functions, and two of the keys were assigned to turn the brightness up and down. The lack of a keyboard shortcut on my iMac was getting to be a nuisance, so I decided to see if I could figure one out. After a very brief search on Google, I discovered that F14 and F15 turn the brightness up and down on any Mac. You can try it at home too.



  1. /ben looks perplexed.

    i only have up to F12.

  2. Do you have the White Apple keyboard? There should be 3 extra function keys above the “home, end, etc.” keys. Though I am guessing if the keys were there you would have noticed.

  3. there are some times that I’d like it even dimmer than the minimum in those cases I use a software called ‘DarkAdaptedX’

    I think it’s for astronomy or something.. but whatever, it works great.

  4. How is the contrast? I find LCDs to be too bright for graphics work.

  5. I find the blacks are black if that is what you are asking. The contrast is good? I’m not sure how to objectively measure something like that.

  6. Do you use CRTs at work?

  7. Yeah. I like my display at home more.

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