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Intel iMac Notes: OmniOutliner

   22 March 2006, early afternoon

I am the proud owner of OmniOutliner. I didn’t go out and buy it mind you, it came with my mac, but since I have it, I feel I should make good use of it. OmniOutliner is another one of those applications I didn’t really get when I first used it. It is essentially the mother of all to-do list programs. That might not sound like much, but there are plenty of things you can do with a good list making program. Right now, I don’t do anything flashy with OmniOutliner. I use it to keep track of my spending, and that is about it; I might start making shopping lists with the program as well. A lot of getting things done nuts love the program, as evidenced by its constant mention over at 43Folders. (The 43Folders Wiki has a good OmniOutliner section.) If you own OmniOutliner, you might want to grab these icons made by Mike Matas. The iMac also came with Comic Life and Quicken, but I haven’t used either much at all.



  1. I absolutely LOVE Omnioutliner! It’s like one of the top 3 applications I think are made for mac, I use it almost religiously for taking notes in class. It may sound like a tame use or something, but the difference from this and all others is that the tree system it uses is very intuitive and super quick to use.

    so ya, ovations and props for this thing for sure.

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