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Good Food Box

   28 April 2009, late afternoon

A resident in our building managed to wrangle enough people together to make BeBloor (well, her unit) a drop off spot for Foodshare. Shima and I were one of the initial people to buy a Good Food Box. We opted for the $22 organic small box, being the ritzy-ass people that we are. (For $12 we could have got the small non-organic box.) What does $22 get you? Well, conveniently they gave us a list along with the vegetables and fruit. This is good, because I had no idea what swiss chard looks like. This week:

  • 1 organic lettuce-romaine
  • 1 organic tomato (hot house?)
  • 1 bunch of organic bananas
  • 4 organic oranges
  • 1 lbs of organic apples
  • 1 organic swiss chard
  • 2 lbs of organic mini potatoes
  • 1 bag of organic carrots
  • 1 bunch of organic chives
  • 2 lbs of organic rutabaga

I have no idea what you do with a rutabaga. It was the mystery local produce of the week. Exciting. The apples, potatoes and chives were also locally sourced. Bonus. Now we need to figure out if this is actually cost-effective, though I think we’ll keep buying the boxes: It’s very convenient.

Our good food box.



  1. boobie lady!

  2. Boobie lady? We didn’t get one of those in our Small Organic. Hmmm.

    We have been getting this box for over a year now, from a pick-up house farther north on Symington. The recipes and articles about the featured veggies are fun too!

  3. Is your box supposed to be a local box? A friend of mine who signed up for that basically just got bags and bags of beets in January, February and March.

  4. If you look closely you’ll see The Boobie Lady in the picture Ram’s taken. She’s our salt shaker. I like her way too much. But I like our organic food box even more!

  5. Martha, I think the idea is that they will use locally sourced stuff when they can, but it’s not all going to be locally sourced. That way, you probably avoid months of root vegetables. And you get to bananas, the greatest fruit ever.

  6. becky and caroline get boxes as well. and they got a lot of kale and root veggies during the winter.

  7. try dicing the rutabaga and roasting in the oven with onion and some olive oil and salt.

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