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But it's for the foster child

   29 April 2009, early morning

I started watching Degrassi Jr. High with Shima yesterday. For each episode, I’d write a little twitter message about what we were watching and send it off. For the series premier:

Damn it Steph the boys are only voting for you because you skanked out. They don’t respect you. You sold out Voula for Joey!? #degrassi

The second episode is about Voula wanting to go to the school dance:

Oh Voula and your stereotypical vaguely ethnic immigrant father. He’s only strict because he loves you. You’re to young to do the dancing.

I’ve seen most if not all of Degrassi Jr. High several times now. Still, if you asked me about the specifics of this episode I’d be at a loss. The show was on so long ago, it’s hard to remember the details. Sometimes the Internet pisses me off. Stuff like this makes me happy:

@funkaoshi but it’s for the foster child

And it was!

Degrassi Jr. High is amazing. I had forgotten how well put together it was. Despite some bad acting and 80s cheesiness, it’s still very compelling and smart. Also, I love Catlin. (Who, surprisingly, has no lines 3 episodes in.)



  1. My bf and I just finished watching all of degrassi junior high and we just started on degrassi high. It’s funny how much you vaguely remember and how much you forgot completely.

    Keep an eye out of the all the skippy product placement. It will blow your mind.

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