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Google Wave

   1 October 2009, mid-afternoon

I am on Google Wave. As they were with GMail, Google is being fairly tight with how they are rolling out the service. Twitter is full of “can I get an invite” messages. (My invite came from my friend Ryan, who works at Google now. By coincidence, he’s the same guy who invited me to GMail way back in the day.) Unlike GMail, invites aren’t sent out immediately. You nominate someone for an account and at some point they’ll be sent an invite. For a service like Google Wave this is a stupid way to get things going. GMail was actually usable even if you didn’t know anyone else using GMail — it’s just an email client. Wave is something new and fancy. As such, I can only “wave” to one other person with the service, my friend who invited me. Awesome? He hasn’t replied to my first wave yet. Maybe it’ll be more exciting by the end of the week, but I have my doubts.



  1. Does every user get the 6(?) invites? Even people who are the invited from that first invite?

  2. I got 8 “invites”. I’m not sure what the deal is with invites, how many you get, and how quickly they work.

  3. Each account gets 8 invites. I’ve heard, and from experience, they take about 1 day before the invitation email gets sent. I just got mine a few minutes ago.

  4. My ‘nomination’ still hasn’t arrived. Maybe I’m just not ‘wave’ material.

    I read that all of the ‘nominations’ are being processed manually, as to help them with load/scaling issues.

    As well, apparently nominated accounts don’t get to invite others.

    Stay tuned…

  5. No one else I have invited has actually received an invite yet. It’s more than a little bit lame really. The service is basically useless if you can’t use it with anyone else.

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