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Heroes Season 1

   3 December 2007, early morning

It was my destiny to finish watching Heroes without Shima, so I spent most of the weekend finishing up the first season. When Shima and I watched the first episode a few weeks back we had no desire whatsoever to keep watching: the acting was bad, the dialog was bad, and the story went nowhere. Everyone else on the planet seemed obsessed with how awesome the show was, so Shima and I watched another episode: the second episode is much cooler and the ending is great. If the premier of the show was the first two episodes, then the pacing of the first episode would make a lot more sense. By the 4th or 5th episode the show starts to feel pretty solid. By then the actors all seem to have a good grasp of what their characters are about, so there are fewer awkward scenes to watch. The first season on the whole is very entertaining. By the last episode the overall story for the season is nicely resolved, with enough loose ends to start off the next season. (This is in contrast to a similar show like Lost, where the finales are exciting, but each season hasn’t resolved much of anything.) Heroes is good, contrary to what Mezan might tell you.



  1. It wasn’t your destiny to watch it without me.. You just didn’t want to wait until next week when I would be less busy with school! 8o|

    Thanks Ram.. thanks…

  2. don’t worry dude, the start of season 2 is so bad that it retroactively ruins season 1. it’s kinda like Weezer’s 2005 release Make Believe, it’s so bad that it makes you re-evaluate the quality of their previous albums.

  3. I agree. The start of season two (actually, most of the episodes until recently) are so indescribably bad that you feel like a fool for having watched the first season at all. It was very much like watching the last two Matrix movies.

  4. These are some harsh comments. How was the “finale” last night? Season 1 is so enjoyable it kind of sucks that Season 2 is a wash.

  5. I enjoyed season 1, but I haven’t had a chance to watch season 2 yet. Apparently Tim Kring(?) has apologized to fans for the slow start to the new season and has promised that the latter half will be much better. Before the show ever aired they had already planned out the story for about 4 or 5 seasons worth.

  6. Yeah, he did apologize a couple weeks back. He enumerates all the things wrong with the season thus far. (There are some spoilers here.)

  7. I thought Season 2 wasn’t that bad, it kept me watching and wanting to know what happens next. There were some episodes that weren’t very good, but for the most part I thought the season was pretty cool.

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