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The Talented Kids at Ashley Ingram's School of Music

   30 November 2007, late at night

My friend Haruka attends a musical school here in the city. The last time I recall her singing was at a karaoke bar downtown; she was singing Rhapsody in Blue by Da Pump (Tomo was rapping). She’s come a long way since then, now attending a school where everyone seems to be some sort of freaky musical prodigy. Shima, Yang, and I went to a little show put on by some of the students at the school and it was stunning. I really don’t know where to start I was so very impressed. Really, the only thing disappointing about the whole night was that they didn’t have any CDs for sale. (At least they have some music up on MySpace.) I’m not sure when their next show will be, but it is well worth checking out. There aren’t too many venues to hear indie R&B in the city — let alone j-pop.

Rea from D3 singing after the show.



  1. I loved the performance! It was one of those rare “feel good” shows… I seriously recommend it.. but it looked like it was only by invite (?)

    Japanese people are so cute… :o

  2. Oh wow its jpop!? Tell me next time if you go. That sounds awesome!

  3. Shima might be right. The space is pretty limited and it was packed yesterday. Anyway I can let you know when I am going next I guess. And yeah, most of the acts were singing in Japanese, a few in English. One guy did a coldplay cover. Most of the songs were originals written and produced by the kids in the program.

  4. Wow that sounds cool! Where was this?

  5. Yeah, lemme know next time too :) I’d love to check it out.

  6. thanks for the shout-out!!
    holla holla holla—-

    we’re prepping for a big show on May 2nd, and
    would absolutely love to see you guys.

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