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Heroes Season 2 (well, "volume 2" anyway)

   3 January 2008, early evening

Shima and I finished watching Heroes Volume 2 a few days back. Volume 2 consists of the first half of Season 2, episodes 1 through 11. I’m not sure if this was intended, or if the writers strike caused them to cut the story short. From speaking to my friends, I wasn’t expecting much from the season. Tyler’s comment when I wrote about season 1 was particularly damming:

the start of season 2 is so bad that it retroactively ruins season 1. it’s kinda like Weezer’s 2005 release Make Believe, it’s so bad that it makes you re-evaluate the quality of their previous albums.

Harsh. I’m not sure season 2 is as bad as Tyler thought it to be, but it certainly isn’t very good. For starters, pretty much every single new hero they introduced is really annoying. I really was hoping they’d all be dead by the end of the season; sadly, this wasn’t to be. The season as a whole doesn’t really get going till episode 6 or 7. That’s kind of dumb pacing on their part. With season 1 you knew what the heroes were all fighting to stop by the 2nd episode. More than that, season 1’s ending was really exciting. Season 2 just didn’t end with that sort of drama; it was a bit of a let down. I still like the show, and i’m hoping for the second half of the season (assuming the show comes back) they do more with it. I like Heroes.



  1. I thought Kensei/Adam was pretty damn cool! I kind of hope he some how comes back. At least Sylar’s back, he’s so evil, it’s awesome!

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