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Hour Long Jungle

   25 January 2009, early evening

Goldie made a CD called Saturnz Return many years ago. It’s a double album. The first CD in this double album is comprised, essentially, of a single song, Mother, which is one hour long. I’m not sure i’ve ever sat through the entire song. At an hour long Mother probably needs to be listened to the way you might sit and listen to a symphony. I think Matt actually made playing the track a theme for one of his Transient Orange nights. The song is very ambient for the first 20 minutes or so, and then kind of picks up around the half hour mark, and then slows down a little bit by the end. Each time I listen to it, I end up hearing something new. Goldie is good.



  1. It was never so much a theme, at least not in the sense of the “Just” marathons or anything like that. But I did used to play it a lot at IV Lounge, undercutting entire sets or sections of them.

    It is a great song, but yeah, you’ve really got to be in the mood for it. The second disc, on the other hand, is one I kept in heavy rotation for years around the house.

  2. Saturnzreturn is really good, but I prefer both Timeless and Rings of Saturn. I think I’ve listened to Mother in entirety only once.

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