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I Own My Home

   16 November 2006, early morning

As of yesterday I am now the proud owner of a tiny-ass condo a little bit West of Downtown. It took an awfully long time for everything to close. I feel exactly the same as I did before. I don’t think the massive debt now on my shoulders has really sunk in yet. My first mortgage payment is tomorrow. Maybe i’ll feel like home owner then.



  1. Hey, congratulations!

  2. Lukcily for you Ram, you’re a tiny-ass dude. so you only need a tiny-ass condo. congrats!

    i think you’ll really feel like a homeowner when something in your place breaks and you realize you can’t call the landlord.

  3. Thanks. I almost missed my first mortgage payment because my bank held my cheque. That would have sucked.

  4. It’s not super tinny. Anyways, now I can at least go to another room if we are having a fight, unlike most of the other places you’ve lived in where I’d have to suck it up and stay in the same room and give you evil looks :P

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