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Intel iMac Notes: The Mighty Mouse is Crippling Me

   9 May 2006, lunch time

Apple’s iMac ships with the Mighty Mouse. Many people felt that Apple releasing a two button mouse was one of the harbingers of the Apocalypse — I certainly joked about it. I really wanted to like the mouse, if only because it matches the rest of my computer. Unfortunately, it has to be one of the most uncomfortable mouses I’ve used in recent memory. As a two button mouse, it sucks. Many times while playing Warcraft my right-clicks register as left-clicks because I didn’t click “right” enough for the mouse. Perhaps if Apple had indicated where the “right” mouse button was I wouldn’t have this problem. Perhaps I’m just an idiot, but I’d like to think otherwise. Getting clicks to register as right-clicks consistently invovles clicking the mouse at its right-most edge, which is uncomfortable to say the least. The squeeze button is stiff, and I don’t like using it at all. The scroll-nipple that everyone was so excited about it also horrible to use. Scrolling through a long document using this tiny little ball isn’t fun. I’m not sure who Apple designed this mouse for. As I have stated before my RSI is pretty bad, and as such you may find this mouse to be a pleasure to use; that is till you use it too much and get terrible RSI.

Update: This mouse pisses me the fuck off. I’d avoid it.