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iPhone 4

   7 June 2010, mid-afternoon

Apple announced a new iPhone. It’s looking pretty hot. This is the first key note I can remember where the bulk of the presentation was stuff everyone already knew about, due to the leak from Gizmodo. It’s also the first keynote I can recall with a fairly big glitch occurring during the presentation: the phone had issues grabbing data over WiFi because of all the devices up and running in the presentation centre. The big feature that Apple (more or less) managed to keep secret was FaceTime, which is their video chat program for the iPhone. Sam Mendes directed the commercial they aired during the keynote to show off the feature, and as adverts go it’s very well done. (I guess you can say that about most of Apple’s advertising.) The last pair “talking” was a feature of video chat I hadn’t really thought about. The new phone looks pretty amazing, with the new industrial design and fancy high-res display. People were expecting Apple TVs and Unicorns, so i’m not sure if people will be satisfied with what they were shown during the keynote.



  1. I think the last few keynotes everyone already knew what was going to be released. I can’t remember the last keynote where they released hardware that no one saw coming

  2. Hands on with the iPhone 4.

  3. I’m disappointed that Steve Jobs didn’t announce that he solved the issue of the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.

  4. HTC Evo has video calling over the 3g/4g network… no restriction to wifi only… it also has 720p video capture and an 8MP camera… A proper Retina Display at 12inches needs about 475 dpi…. But the Iphone is still pretty slick and tempting

  5. Bad Astronomy debunked the wired article. Anyway, the display is pretty crazy regardless. I’ve heard the battery life on the EVO is really bad. There are all these articles online about how to eek out more performance. The battery on the iPhone 4 sounds pretty solid, like the one in the iPad. I guess we’ll have to wait till reviewers get them to see what’s up, but I get better results than what Apple says I should. I think most people do.

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