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Totally Subjective Guess Who

   11 June 2010, mid-afternoon

We used to play this game at my friends cottage. It makes the game Guess Who far more interesting. The rules remain the same with one exception: you are only allowed to ask questions that have subjective answers. So, asking a question like, “Does your character wear glasses?”, would not be allowed. Instead, you would ask questions like: “Does your character look like a communist?”; “Does your character look like a pedophile?”; “Would you hang out with your character?”; etc. This makes the game a lot more difficult. It also makes it far more likely no one will win.



  1. Well, why don’t we all play “Just Had a Big Meal Hippos” while we’re at it?

  2. Growing up, my siblings and I created alternate questions for some of the quirkier characters like “Does your character have an egg head?” or “Does your character look like a crazy cat lady?”. I still play this game – it’s more challenging if you each choose two characters – but now the questions are more like “Does your character look like an alcoholic?” and “Does your character look clinically depressed?”. We also cheat the hair colour question by grouping all dark haired characters together.

    I’ve always wanted to switch the characters for friends that both players have in common, but that could get pretty messy and potentially revealing.

    And of course, there’s always this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p4OmQrzyLlE

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