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Italy? Damn

   4 July 2006, evening time

Italy scored two damn good goals against Germany. Holy shit that was a good game. I want a Portugal-Italy final.



  1. Awesome game and deserving victory for Italy. But…

    ...Portugal? Portugal?! Possibly the dirtiest cheating team in the World Cup. Hopefully, Zidane takes care of them. Italy v France would be awesome final with the Italians taking home the trophy.

  2. At this point I don’t really care who wins; all the teams lefts no one thought would win. I just like Christian Ronaldo, so I support Portugal. Oh, and I like their goalie.

  3. portugal-italy?! that would be the all-greasy-hair final and reason for me to lock myself in my apartment for the weekend. i was hoping for germany-france, if only because they had both been written off as teams of has-beens before the start of the tournament. but now i’m going to have to pin my hopes on a french win with zizu doing some pirouettes around the italian midfield. and franck ribery has been an absolute revelation so far, even if his face is really fucked up.

  4. I’m with Matthew, for some reason Ribery reminds me of Napoleon. Anyways, I was going for England so you know what I think of Portugal. Ronaldo is a dirty dirty bastard for what he pulled against Rooney. I’m looking fwd to seeing how they both get along at Man U. Zizou can still do it!!

  5. Rooney is a jack-ass. He stomps on a player and gets mad when the Portages team call him on it? I agree though that Italy and Portugal do dive and play dirty more often then not. It will be an interesting game if they both win. I can pictures players falling over left and right. I can’t wait for todays game.

  6. I took a taxi to Union station early in the morning a few days ago and the Malian cab driver said to me randomly `Those Portugese! They don`t deserve to win! They are dirty team!`

    And then on the train to Quebec city the German guy sitting next to me said `Those Portugese! They don`t play fair! Are the referees blind or stupid?`

    And then while waiting in line at Laval a francophone guy said to me `Damn those Portugese! Why do they celebrate when their players are such bastards?`

    Ha ha. I am not shitting you.

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