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Stand Up

   5 July 2006, late morning

Today I got on the 191 bus and managed to grab one of the last seats, which all fill up quickly. Shortly after this happens, an old Chinese lady wanders on to the bus. I tap her to get her attention, and then get up to give her my seat. She doesn’t take it; it turns out there were actually 2 other seniors with her who I didn’t see at first. She gives the seat to one of her friends. Now, I would have thought two more people would have got up to give up their seats to the seniors, but this is apparently naive thinking on my part. The two seniors who didn’t have seats stood till people started getting off the bus at my stop, a good 10-15 minutes after the bus left the station. Toronto, this is lame.



  1. Next time, you should say something to them. I always point out people’s inability to act like human beings. And I don’t feel the least bit bad about it.

  2. On the bus ride home today (Go VIVA!), half asleep mind you, when I noticed two people get up and give their seats up to two elderly folks. I guess people up in York Region ain’t as lame! ooooh…

    Wait, I don’t even live in York Region… damn it.

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