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Lame Philanthropy

   24 October 2007, early evening

I bought the PeepCode Rails Code Review eBook a few days back. It was a very impulsive decision. The eBook was $9, which isn’t much money in the grand scheme of things, and it seemed kind of cool. There was a time when I thought paying for an electronic book was the dumbest thing someone could do — I mean, really, it’s electronic, there’s nothing there. Actually, I still do feel that way to some extent, but I see buying this eBook differently: I think I’ve reached a point where I see purchases like this as some sort of budget philanthropy on my part. I think I’m willing to make the purchase because in my head I picture some dude trying to buy an iPhone or a new hard drive and I feel for them. I thought about all this while I bought TaskPaper a few moments ago. I’m hoping I use it a lot, but if I don’t, it really doesn’t bother me too much. I feel good making the purchase.

[ed. I was going to title this post “Why I have no money.”]



  1. i met geoffrey (the guy behind peepcode) at a seattle.rb meeting once. i can inform you that he is a nice guy so you at least you didn’t give your money to some schmuck.

  2. Ramanan, there is this fund called “shima has to pay uncle OSAP back in a few months”. You should feel free to give to it generously. And although I wont give you an e-book or a t-shirt in return for your donation, I’m willing to give you my love. :)

  3. I dunno man, I think shima’s great and all, but I love t-shirts.

  4. Yes Ram, don’t complain about being broke ass ever again!

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