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Ticket for the Go

   25 October 2007, early morning

I exchanged a few words with a man this morning on the south side of Bloor and Lansdowne. He said he was a schizophrenic, had been on the street for 4 days, and needed help. He clearly did need help. Before he could finish going on about how he needed money for a GO ticket I was off: it’s amazing how cold I’ve become living here for a year. It was all very depressing.



  1. When I was in Edmonton, some lady in a wheelchair rolled up to me and gave me this long story about how she just got into town and was lost and just got mugged and got her purse stolen. I was late for the movie I wanted to watch so I just pointed to the purse on her lap and walked away as she looked down and realized her story’s mistake. I had also seen her rolling around begging people staying at the hotel I was at a few days earlier.

  2. Yeah the Go Ticket story is pretty common. This guy was seriously jonsing for something; you could tell by the shear desperation in his eyes. I imagine at some point he’ll stop asking people for money and start trying to take it. Or maybe someone will hook him up.

  3. Or he’ll show up in an emerg department, get a sandwich and juice, and probably harass the staff for a subway token. And maybe try to weasel some narcotics too.

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