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Lost Season 2

   5 December 2005, late evening

I finally saw the first two episodes for Lost season 2. The people behind this show are amazing. Just when you think the show is going in one direction, they throw something new at you totally out of left field. The very first episode of the second season doesn’t even resolve any of the Micheal-Jin-Sawyer story; they aren’t even mentioned! It’s only in the second episode that we get to see what is going on with them. Am I being to vague in my season two discussion? Damn right. I hate stumbling on sites that feel compelled to be any more specific about the show than I just have been. A lot of the fun of the show is learning about the back story for yourself, and noticing all the strange coincidences and interconnections. I think people need to maintain total radio silence when it comes to watching Lost. Episode 3 of Lost looks like it will be hot. I think this season is going to be as solid as the last.

Update Dec 5th 2005: Holy Shit! So I’m not midway through episode 8 of season 2. I have episode 9 all ready to go. This show is brilliant. 1 hour later: Damn, so episode 9 was also good, though episode 7, where they explain what happened to the other survivors, was probably the best of the bunch.



  1. Man, I missed ep 4 cuz i had a test but I’m dling it now, can’t wait! This season is going to be crazy, so many new things. LOST for life.

    man, i love lost too much

  2. As for season 2, it is allllll excellent. truly truly excellent.

    Lost is the one TV show in recent memory that has me jonesing for the next episode mere minutes after the last.

    Easily the best written show on television right now.

  3. The show is incredible. Season two is incredible. Its the only thing keeping me going from week to week.

  4. How about seeding some torrents? ;)

  5. Started a small site at http://www.lostseason2.com

    It’s getting some good feedback. Would love if everyone who LOVES lost like I do would join!


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