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Magneta Lane and the Awesome Team @ the Horseshoe

   3 March 2006, terribly early in the morning

This was the third time I saw Magneta Lane in concert. The first time was at the Drake, on a trip to see Femme Generation. The second time was at the El Mocambo. On that particular night Lexi complained that she couldn’t sing, her throat hurt too much. Tonight at the Horseshoe she was drinking tea as her throat was sore yet again. It is understandable I suppose. I don’t know how Hole, Nirvana, or any such band where the singer needs to do a lot of yelling can put on a show night after night. Magneta Lane did a great job tonight. If you haven’t seen them live yet you are really missing out. They are a very cool band. I can see them getting really big, so you should try and catch them before they stop playing at venues like the Horseshoe.

The Awesome Team put on a really good show as well. I like it when you can tell a band is really into their music, and is really enjoying playing infront of you. The Awesome Team aren’t really my sort of band, but I think if you like Blink 182 and that sort of music, you may enjoy them. (Mind you, they may not sound anything like Blink 182. I’m really bad at pinning down the genre particular bands belong to.)

The best piece of music I heard tonight was from a homeless guy playing The Man Who Sold the World on the South-West side of Queen and University. I walked about 50 feet or so past him, then stopped, and walked back to give him a dollar. I wish I gave him more money. He sang the song really well.



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