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Magneta Lane @ The Rivoli

   18 January 2008, early morning

I saw Magneta Lane at the Rivoli on Wednesday. I went to the show after buying a new camera. I don’t go to as many shows as I used to, primarily because my concert going friends don’t live in Toronto anymore. To quote an email I sent out in regards to this show:

Some of you may have got this email and thought, “wait, I don’t even live in Toronto anymore.” Yeah, move back to the damn city already. Punk ass sons of bitches.

And so it was that I went to the Magneta Lane show by myself. I’ve become quite good at going to shows alone, mind you, a skill I think everyone should have. I bought a beer, walked to the front, and waited. Usually I’ll just people watch; now I can also fidget with my phone. I had my old Yashica on me, so I also tried snapping some photos with that.

The girls took the stage at 8:00 or so, and were done just before 9:00. It was a short and sweet set. I think the show was a chance for them to test out their new material: they played a few new songs, mixed in with some of their older tracks. One change from previous shows was the addition of a keyboard player for a few songs. He also played guitar for one song so that the young Ms Valentine could focus on singing. I’m not sure they had the same energy I’ve seen them play with in prior shows, but they may just be out of practice or nervous. All and all it was a very enjoyable concert. I like the band though, so I’m probably pretty biased.

After the show various women tried to talk to me. I told them I was engaged and punched them in the face, which is usually what I do. Don’t try it ladies, my ass is taken.



  1. the girls were only interested in your iphone…

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