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Morning Raga

   17 July 2005, early evening

My mom was a half hour in to Morning Ragga when I walked in to the living room. She had already seen the movie before. I asked her if the movie was good, and she replied, “yes,” so I asked if we could watch it from the beginning, which we did. She was wrong; the movie isn’t all that good, though it isn’t all that bad either. Morning Ragga is about a boy starting an Indian-Fusion band. The story is fairly non-standard in terms of Indian movies—there is no love triangle, bad guys, song and dance numbers, or any of the other stereotypical things one expects to find in an Indian film. The movie is almost entirely in English, which was a bit strange, but not off-putting. I thought the cinematography was quite nice. If you want to watch some Indian cinema that is off the beaten path, this is a film one might want to check out.

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  1. when can roshi and i come over to watch movies with your mom?

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